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Here's how to make your partner orgasm faster during oral sex

Oral sex can be pleasant but when you’re going down on someone for what seems like hours, it can get really boring.
When a woman goes down on a man, she shouldn’t just suck and lick and that’s it. She should involve her hands. Here's how to make your partner orgasm faster during oral sex.
Anytime you go down on a woman, you want to kiss her vagina all around and do it really slow. Kiss all around her lips. Take your tongue and flick it in very slowly. Don’t go for her clitoris right away.
When you finally do kiss it, it’s like almost like the flower opening. Every time you kiss her vagina, it just opens up just a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more. You will be able to feel the moisture on your lips. Take your lips and just move them all around so she can feel and anticipate the gliding. When you finally do go for her clitoris, slip one finger deep inside her and go right to her G spot, because if you spend enough time getting her prepped, her G spot at this time will be swollen and spongy.
Then start licking her slowly, changing your techniques up, figuring out what type of rhythm she likes. At the same time, start taking your finger and moving it back and forth on her G spot, adding pressure and building that pressure up ever so slowly. That will get her wanting more.
Also if you’re a woman, don’t immediately go suck your man’s penis. Kiss his body, tease him, kiss his inner thigh, lick his balls, get involved in the whole area before you go right for his penis and just start sucking. When a woman just goes and sucks on her partner’s penis instantly, it almost feels like he needs to start masturbating.
He will love when you start altering between his penis and his balls. It will feel great when you start sucking both of them. Get your hands more involved because then you’re going to give him the best blowjob of his entire life.
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